PHOTO BY 33northstudio
Founder of TICKLE QUO
Designer Tongqi Lu is inspired by the calming power of nature — the mountains blanketed in fog and the gentle waves of the blue sea are a sharp contrast to overwhelming city landscapes. She is passionate about creating objects that improve the well-being of a society gradually losing touch with the present moment. Every design is meticulously crafted to enhance awareness and to enable urban residents to feel the soothing and relaxing effects of nature.

ArtCenter College of Design
MS Environmental Design

University of Illinois
BFA Industrial Design

15th International Design Awards
Bronze in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture 
Jan 2022

Society of
Furniture Designers
Sep 2021

ICFF Studio Winner
May 2020

CORE77 Design Awards
June 2020

Hay YoungBird Competition
June 2020

Art Center Williamson Gallery
Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

Neutral Density photography awards
Nov 2020

Chromatic Photography Awards
Dec 2020

Studentdesign Press
Jan 2019