The new Banyan Collection also engages the senses and transports one to the rainy lands of the East Asian Monsoon Region.

Metal + Leather

36.66 inches
59.83 inches
22.83 inches
Specification Sheet

The Banyan Collection included a chaise lounge and a portable lamp which are inspired by the great banyan, a tree that grows abundantly in the south of China. Designs visualized the roots of the banyan tree emerging from a stem growing vertically downward, forming its root. But the taproot system is interconnected. Just like us– we migrate from city to city, from country to country, travel between cultures, harboring our own values and unique experiences. But, we’re still intertwined with our roots, our home. It communicates in the simplest form of language– with durable matt metal finishing and an effortless curve that allows you to settle into a snugly comfortable position.